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Friday, 16 September 2016


Kayaking Trip

Once upon a time there was a group of boys going Kayaking at Point England Beach. 15 mins early Javan, Tevita, and Bobby-Jon went to Point England Beach at Midday they decide to go Kayaking at night because they said it will be fun but Tevita knew it was a bad Idea…… Javan, and Bobby-Jon was the 1st one to go out into the sea they were calling Tevita ‘’Hey Tevita what’s taking long, lets go MAN!’’

Tevita respond ‘’ Nah I’m okay I’ll just wait here for yous.’’ 2 hours later Javan and Bobby-Jon didn’t come back so Tevita decide to go look for them Tevita saw a shadow standing out in the woods Tevita shouted ‘’He is that you Javan?..... Hello’’ Tevita parked his Kayak near the bush he got out and he put his hand onto the shadow that was standing there and it was NICK!!!! Nick had a axe in his hand and he started chasing Tevita, Tevita quickly ran jumped on to his kayak and started kayaking back to shore Tevita saw Javan back at the shore.

Javan waved and shouted ‘’why you rushing for’’ Tevita responded ‘’Help help help Nick is chasing me’’ Javan responded ‘’Tevita I was just joking I made him up so I can freak you out’’ Tevita replied ‘’No look he's actually chasing me’’ Javan had a close look and it was actually him Javan shouted ‘’Kayak faster Tevita.’’ And then Javan had another closer…. Bobby-jon grabbed his paddle and tripped Nick up. This gave the boys enough time to escape and they lived happily ever after.


Inter school Athletics Day

Friday, 2 September 2016

The life of Usain Bolt

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The life of Usain Bolt went like the blink of an eye. Growing up in a small town and becoming a role model around the world.
Personally Usain St. Leo Bolt, born 21st of August 1986 loves dancing. He is nicknamed Lightning Bolt because of his name and speed. Usain is Catholic and is known for making the cross sign before his races.

Image result for Usain BoltHis early professional career was from 2004 to 2007. He was the 1st junior sprinter to hold a world record of 19.93s in the 200m. In the Olympic Games Bolt earned 9 Medals and all were Gold. In World Championships he earned 11 Gold medals and 2 Silver. In Commonwealth Games he earned only 1 Gold Medal.

Usain Bolt is as fast as a Cheetah and I want to grow up to be like him, someone who doesn’t give up on his dreams and to be a role model. Usain Bolt is known as the fastest man on Earth and I want to be the fastest Woman on Earth or even to break of his records.

Advice Column

PED (Performance Enhancing - Drugs)

Monday, 29 August 2016

Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

Walt: write an effective explanation about why technology can be considered a performance-enhancing drug
Have you heard of PED? Wow PED means Performance Enhancing Drug.It is when athletes are using performance-enhancing drugs to help them get better.The drugs that they are using is to help get better and I think it is not fair for the other athletes.
Technology can be a bad thing because it is cheating and I think it should be banned from the Olympic games .It is  unfair for other countries because they can’t afforded technology to help them on the tack but the other countries that can afforded technology is now good because they have power because they are using technology.
I think that it is bad because they are using performance-enhancing drugs and technology to help them go faster and stronger but it is not fair for the other teams that are playing.Also if you use performance-enhancing drugs it changes inside of you so you can be better and if you are using technology like how they put stickers on those runners in the Olympics because the stickers that are on the athletes helps them because the wind goes pass them so that they can go faster.

Now I think that technology should not be used in the Olympics because it is cheating and it is also not fair for the other athletes that are playing also in the Olympic games.

If I were at the Olympics

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Why is the Olympics so special? Well here is why, Olympics people like Clark Johnson, Sonny Bill WIlliams, and Gillies Kaka they are all famous Olympics rugby players and Horse Riders. Gillies Kaka can inspire a lot of little kids to become like him and carrying on his legacy. Sonny Bill Williams is a real famous Olympic rugby player he plays for the all blacks. Also another thing is that it changes and help raise money for the country.

In every four years the Olympic games are held. Each country competes against other countries. Every athlete trains every day, for an example Justin Gatlin uses four hyper speed cameras to see how he starts when he starts running, it help Justin Gatlin to get faster as he is running and the, and they use the hyper speed cameras to look at what kind of position he does as he starts to run. And volleyball they wake up 6:00 in the morning to practice and practice for their big day. And sometimes they practice till 3 or to 4 hours a day.

What is used for athletes to win? It can help Athletes by wearing the right uniform and wearing the right shoes that will make you comfortable to run in. For an example sprinting it could help Athletes by doing the right position as they start off for their run.  And by that it could help you by leading the rest of the athletes to the finish line. That is how Justin Gatlin uses his hyper speed to see what could make him faster.
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Some Athletes get rewarded for competing and winning a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal. And also showing their skills to the whole wide world, and people screaming and shouting because they are relieved that they came 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. And when they come Gold,Silver and bronze they always get their flag and hold it up to represent their country’s. And Usain bolt always does his special move.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Caption Sullenberger

}In 2009 Captain Sullenberger became known as a hero because of something that he did. Sullenberger was flying a Passenger Jet and he was 2mins away from the airport. While he was flying the Passenger Jet there was a bunch of birds that struck the engines. The bird strike caused the plane to lose power fast. Captain Sullenberger had to do an emergency landing in the Hudson River. Everyone survived and from then on he was seen as a hero. He became a hero because he saved a lot of lives, he did something out of the ordinary and he put his own life at risk.

Sullenberger saved a lot of lives during this accident. If Captain Sullenberger only saved himself many innocent people could have died. Captain Sullenberger walked up and down the plane two times to make sure that everyone had made it out alive.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Fraction Tagging

Today I have learnt about fractions tagging. Here is a presentation about what we did today.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Will he save her

Para 1 Japan 2013…. Superman was in space saving the day because there was a meteor coming from space to hit Japan. Superman was up there to stop it but out of nowhere Doomsday came flying up and punches him away from the meteor to stop him from saving Japan. Doomsday pushes it and it goes through the Earth’s atmosphere with an explosion and smashed straight into Japan!!! After that Superman came flying and kicks Doomsday BOOM! POW! WOW!! AMAZING and kicked him to Japan and Doomsday landed on the rock and it was on fire. Down came Superman Zooming fast and punched Doomsday throw the fire rock.

Para 2 Under water in Japan…. After that day Doomsday came back for revenge on Superman but he couldn't find him any where Superman knew that Doomsday will come back for revenge that’s why Superman was under water hiding from Doomsday. But when Doomsday didn’t see Superman around he looked straight at the water and saw something move Doomsday jumped in and saw Superman in the corner. He grabbed Superman and threw him out of the water and started to punch him and out of nowhere Wonder Woman came flying and hit Doomsday with her shield and her sword Doomsday fell on his knees and begged for mercy Superman got on his feet and said ‘no after what you have done to Japan I ain’t going to let u live’ Superman walked up to Doomsday and kicked his face and started to punch him.

Para 3 California 2016…. 3 years later Superman and Wonder Woman got Married and Superman went back to Japan and helped them fix all the broking houses. After the 3 years Superman never saw Doomsday again, Wonder Woman always stopped by at Japan to see her husband Superman and sometimes help them. Superman and Wonder Woman lived happily ever after.



Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fraction Circles

Walt: Find fractions of sets and shapes
Find fractions of numbers using multiplication and division facts
Order fractions from smallest to biggest
Identify fractions

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Fraction Word Problems

WALT: Solve fraction problems using our knowledge of multiplication

Today our math group did Fraction Word Problems. Here is a presentation of my work

Tens and ones

WALT: Add and Subtract tens and ones

Monday, 11 April 2016

Auckland Volcanoes

Walt: Write a reflective blog post about our learning. When writing, we are learning to think carefully about the audience who will be looking at our work.
Walt (google maps): through finding out about volcanoes around the world to pin on a map, we are learning to make meaning of a range of texts by identifying main ideas in them and then translating the information and ideas that we learn into our own words.

Voting for the NZ flag to change or not

Year 5 & 6 camp presentation

Walt: write an interesting recount

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pineapple Lumps

Our reading group name is Pineapple lumps. Charles Richard Diver he was the man who invented Pineapple Lumps

WALT: follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.

WALT: research a topic and display findings in my own words.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Duffy Show!!!

Guess what  at Pt England on Tuesday we had the a duffy show in the hall, and there were three character names a Tevita, Simon, and Ruby. So what Tevita was acting was a baby and also a soldier. Simon was Duffy and Ruby was playing an old lady that couldn't read. So Simon had some time to save Ruby's dad because he was fighting in the army and he died so then Duffy had a timemasion and he went back to 1945 and went to the place Ruby dad’s was fighting and so Duffy saved him and then Ruby had time to learn to read

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mount Wellington Story

1976 there was a war on Mount Wellington Frank was the leader for the good team he was the only one alive. After all the fights he went back home he lived in a abandoned house on top of Mount Wellington. 2 years after two guys knocks on the door who could it be!!! He opens it and it was Johnson & Reings. 

OMG ‘I thought I killed both of yous,’ said Frank ‘Well you didn’t we faked our death and you fell for it,’ said Johnson & Reings.’Get out of my house,’ said Frank ‘Why would I, we won the battle just give it up already you know we won the fight we kill all your men and left you alive.’ ‘This is my Mountain now, you left Mount Wellington and I found this when you were gone Mount Wellington is my home now.’

‘Well there’s 2 of us and one of you so we could just fight right now or u could just give us our home back’ ‘well I have my planes and you're not going to like it Johnson, Reings do what you're told get him said Frank.’ ‘Wait what are you doing ‘Reings I’m doing what my boss told me to do’ said Reings he is using you after you get rid of me he is going to get rid of you’ said Johnson.’ No I’m not, do what I told you do it now I said now’ said 

                   TO BE CONTINUED