Friday, 16 September 2016

Kayaking Trip

Once upon a time there was a group of boys going Kayaking at Point England Beach. 15 mins early Javan, Tevita, and Bobby-Jon went to Point England Beach at Midday they decide to go Kayaking at night because they said it will be fun but Tevita knew it was a bad Idea…… Javan, and Bobby-Jon was the 1st one to go out into the sea they were calling Tevita ‘’Hey Tevita what’s taking long, lets go MAN!’’

Tevita respond ‘’ Nah I’m okay I’ll just wait here for yous.’’ 2 hours later Javan and Bobby-Jon didn’t come back so Tevita decide to go look for them Tevita saw a shadow standing out in the woods Tevita shouted ‘’He is that you Javan?..... Hello’’ Tevita parked his Kayak near the bush he got out and he put his hand onto the shadow that was standing there and it was NICK!!!! Nick had a axe in his hand and he started chasing Tevita, Tevita quickly ran jumped on to his kayak and started kayaking back to shore Tevita saw Javan back at the shore.

Javan waved and shouted ‘’why you rushing for’’ Tevita responded ‘’Help help help Nick is chasing me’’ Javan responded ‘’Tevita I was just joking I made him up so I can freak you out’’ Tevita replied ‘’No look he's actually chasing me’’ Javan had a close look and it was actually him Javan shouted ‘’Kayak faster Tevita.’’ And then Javan had another closer…. Bobby-jon grabbed his paddle and tripped Nick up. This gave the boys enough time to escape and they lived happily ever after.

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