Monday, 29 August 2016

Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

Technology as a Performance Enhancing Drug

Walt: write an effective explanation about why technology can be considered a performance-enhancing drug
Have you heard of PED? Wow PED means Performance Enhancing Drug.It is when athletes are using performance-enhancing drugs to help them get better.The drugs that they are using is to help get better and I think it is not fair for the other athletes.
Technology can be a bad thing because it is cheating and I think it should be banned from the Olympic games .It is  unfair for other countries because they can’t afforded technology to help them on the tack but the other countries that can afforded technology is now good because they have power because they are using technology.
I think that it is bad because they are using performance-enhancing drugs and technology to help them go faster and stronger but it is not fair for the other teams that are playing.Also if you use performance-enhancing drugs it changes inside of you so you can be better and if you are using technology like how they put stickers on those runners in the Olympics because the stickers that are on the athletes helps them because the wind goes pass them so that they can go faster.

Now I think that technology should not be used in the Olympics because it is cheating and it is also not fair for the other athletes that are playing also in the Olympic games.

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