Friday, 2 September 2016

The life of Usain Bolt

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The life of Usain Bolt went like the blink of an eye. Growing up in a small town and becoming a role model around the world.
Personally Usain St. Leo Bolt, born 21st of August 1986 loves dancing. He is nicknamed Lightning Bolt because of his name and speed. Usain is Catholic and is known for making the cross sign before his races.

Image result for Usain BoltHis early professional career was from 2004 to 2007. He was the 1st junior sprinter to hold a world record of 19.93s in the 200m. In the Olympic Games Bolt earned 9 Medals and all were Gold. In World Championships he earned 11 Gold medals and 2 Silver. In Commonwealth Games he earned only 1 Gold Medal.

Usain Bolt is as fast as a Cheetah and I want to grow up to be like him, someone who doesn’t give up on his dreams and to be a role model. Usain Bolt is known as the fastest man on Earth and I want to be the fastest Woman on Earth or even to break of his records.

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