Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady Pink

 I am going to talk about Lady Pink and how she uses these type of elements to express her artwork. In the view of art, shape is flat enclosed area of an artwork created through lines. Colour is the element of art that is made when light, striking an object is reflected back to the eye. In art form is a way of bringing shapes or pictures to life form is considered three-dimensional

Monday, 11 June 2018


We have been learning about Friction like how it helps us and sometimes doesn't. Hope you enjoy my presentation about Friction.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Equivalent Fractions

Today i learned about equivalent fractions we used paper and we folded it in half's 3 times and tell what the fractions where the first one was 1/2 then, 2/4 last, 4/8 after that we had to do a little test for fractions where, our teacher Mrs Tele'a told usd about equivalent fractions.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What a good role model

What a good role model 
What it means to be a good role model is you have to be encouraging, confident, and respectful to others. These are my 3 main points I will be explaining about and I will also be using my role model - my brother, as an example.
1st idea
Encouraging others is much more easier than the other two I have picked. Encouraging means show support, not only to your team, grade, or class but to everyone else that is around you. For example my brother always encourage me during my rugby games and other things
2nd idea
My 2nd point is you have to be confident. By being confident you can’t be shy to tell the little ones what’s right and what’s wrong, and also isn’t scared to talk in front of thousands of people. Example my brother is never shy to share his thoughts with others.
3rd idea
My 3rd point is being respectful. Being respectful is much more harder to handle, and that means you have to be a sponge and soak in all the negative that people say to you and respond in a respectful way. Example if someone says “You're not good enough to make it in the team” all you gotta do is ignore it and prove them wrong or just say “No put downs just put ups”
In Conclusion I have stated 3 things (Encouraging, Confident, and Respectful) that I would like to do to be just like my role model, I really wanna Encourage the little ones to do much more better in school so they can get a good job. Be confident to talk in front of my classmates and other people. Last but not least also be respectful and not talk back to my mum and dad and just soak it all in.