Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mount Wellington Story

1976 there was a war on Mount Wellington Frank was the leader for the good team he was the only one alive. After all the fights he went back home he lived in a abandoned house on top of Mount Wellington. 2 years after two guys knocks on the door who could it be!!! He opens it and it was Johnson & Reings. 

OMG ‘I thought I killed both of yous,’ said Frank ‘Well you didn’t we faked our death and you fell for it,’ said Johnson & Reings.’Get out of my house,’ said Frank ‘Why would I, we won the battle just give it up already you know we won the fight we kill all your men and left you alive.’ ‘This is my Mountain now, you left Mount Wellington and I found this when you were gone Mount Wellington is my home now.’

‘Well there’s 2 of us and one of you so we could just fight right now or u could just give us our home back’ ‘well I have my planes and you're not going to like it Johnson, Reings do what you're told get him said Frank.’ ‘Wait what are you doing ‘Reings I’m doing what my boss told me to do’ said Reings he is using you after you get rid of me he is going to get rid of you’ said Johnson.’ No I’m not, do what I told you do it now I said now’ said 

                   TO BE CONTINUED

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