Friday, 24 June 2016

Caption Sullenberger

}In 2009 Captain Sullenberger became known as a hero because of something that he did. Sullenberger was flying a Passenger Jet and he was 2mins away from the airport. While he was flying the Passenger Jet there was a bunch of birds that struck the engines. The bird strike caused the plane to lose power fast. Captain Sullenberger had to do an emergency landing in the Hudson River. Everyone survived and from then on he was seen as a hero. He became a hero because he saved a lot of lives, he did something out of the ordinary and he put his own life at risk.

Sullenberger saved a lot of lives during this accident. If Captain Sullenberger only saved himself many innocent people could have died. Captain Sullenberger walked up and down the plane two times to make sure that everyone had made it out alive.

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