Thursday, 2 June 2016

Will he save her

Para 1 Japan 2013…. Superman was in space saving the day because there was a meteor coming from space to hit Japan. Superman was up there to stop it but out of nowhere Doomsday came flying up and punches him away from the meteor to stop him from saving Japan. Doomsday pushes it and it goes through the Earth’s atmosphere with an explosion and smashed straight into Japan!!! After that Superman came flying and kicks Doomsday BOOM! POW! WOW!! AMAZING and kicked him to Japan and Doomsday landed on the rock and it was on fire. Down came Superman Zooming fast and punched Doomsday throw the fire rock.

Para 2 Under water in Japan…. After that day Doomsday came back for revenge on Superman but he couldn't find him any where Superman knew that Doomsday will come back for revenge that’s why Superman was under water hiding from Doomsday. But when Doomsday didn’t see Superman around he looked straight at the water and saw something move Doomsday jumped in and saw Superman in the corner. He grabbed Superman and threw him out of the water and started to punch him and out of nowhere Wonder Woman came flying and hit Doomsday with her shield and her sword Doomsday fell on his knees and begged for mercy Superman got on his feet and said ‘no after what you have done to Japan I ain’t going to let u live’ Superman walked up to Doomsday and kicked his face and started to punch him.

Para 3 California 2016…. 3 years later Superman and Wonder Woman got Married and Superman went back to Japan and helped them fix all the broking houses. After the 3 years Superman never saw Doomsday again, Wonder Woman always stopped by at Japan to see her husband Superman and sometimes help them. Superman and Wonder Woman lived happily ever after.



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