Monday, 23 February 2015

Use your WITS

Use your WITS WITS means that you have to use your WITS so that you can not get in trouble in your life and it can make you go far in your life. Walk away means that you have to walk away from that person who is been mean.

 If that person is following you you should walk away so that you can not see them any more. Ignore it means that if a bad person comes and start saying bad words and start using their eyes to do mean things.

Last time I was sitting on a chair and a mean person just came to me and said get off the chair but I Ignore him and just stayed there.
 Talk about it means that if a big person comes and ask for your lunch and you say no then he says give me your lunch and then that is the time to Talk about you have to Talk about and tell that person that you have to go and buy your own lunch. Seek help means that you have to go and look for help if you are in trouble.

 Like if you are playing rugby and then a big fat guy comes in and he pushes you over and then he come to get you.That is the time when you have to Seek help there is no time to Talk about. So then you have to go and tell a teacher so that they can help you.

You should use your WITS because it takes you far in your life, and it makes you stay out of trouble.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

All about me

Welcome to my blog my name is Faioso. My favorite thing is rugby and sports. Guess what I am a year 5 student at Point England School I am in class 9 and my teacher is Mr Baxendine. Have you ever finished your writing, maths and art in one day? In my family we all clean in the weekend and in the weekdays me, my sister who goes to Point England School and she is a year 8 and my brother who goes to Sacred Heart College and he is year 11 we read books [and my Mum and Dad just sleep]! What I enjoy in my family is that I get to spend time with my family and cousins in the weekend.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


In the holiday justus mum picked me up from my house. Because it was justus birthday. Then we went to justus house to pick up is brother in a van. Then we went to jump because it was for justus birthday. When we got to jump it was so amazing because it was my first time going there. Then we went inside to get our jump socks then we went inside to play around the first thing i went to was doge ball it was so fun because we got to jump around and throw the ball around. After that I lift and went to the rope the rope is so cool because we got to swing around like a monkey. After that i went to Justus house we had a big bbq it was so nice we had lots of food the thing that i liked the most was the sushi i ate heaps of it. After that we went to the pools it was so fun because my nextdoor neighbor was there. We played in the pool until 6.00 pm then we went back to Justus house we had a little feed then i went home. At the end i ate all of the cup cakes and some of the cake. I felt so tired from that birthday the thing that i liked the most was everything. I hope that we can go jump again.