Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Language Features

Good Morning Bloggers, This week i had been focusing on my 2 text called A Serious
 game and The Whale Child. This is a Presentation with the questions and Answers.
I have also done the Languages. Feel free to Comment on my blog. Thank You

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Who is my role model & why? Plan

Who is my Role Model

How to have a fun weekend
My role model is my mum and dad the reason why they are my role models is because they borned me, feed me, raised me, and put me to bed. I’m really glad that my dad would give up his time and stay home 10:40am with me instead of going to work.
1st element
Also my mum I know how hard it is to raise 3 kids and going to work every morning and coming home really late and tired. She is a outgoing helpful lady that spends her time working to help the family.
2nd element
My dad who spends a lot of time with my family. They have been there for me since i was born, I love them so much. He is always there for me 24/7  
3rd element


Water Cycle

Water Worries