Thursday, 24 September 2015

Nesian Fusion Recount

On Friday the 18th of September Miss Muliaumasealii Nesian Fusion group they performed at the front of Point England School. They danced to Beau Monug King & Queen, Brazilian drumming, and a slow dance. They were spinning the ailao stick full speed they spined the ailao stick around there body and under their legs.

Nesian Fusion performed at Point England School because they are performing at TE ORE. They were wearing long black tights and there own t-shirts with there logo on it. The theme was ‘No to fear’ that means when you drop it don’t be afraid to pick it up and keep on going.

I felt it was amazing because when Miss Muliaumasealii said ‘No to fear’ don’t be afraid to pick it back up and keep going’!!

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