Monday, 27 July 2015

Immersion Assemble

This term on Monday we had an fantastic Immersion Assemble! to tell us what we are learning about this term. Pt England School is learning about Trade & Enterprise it is all about trading. My favorite one was team 5 because it was so funny that it made everyone laugh. The funnest part was when Mr Wiseman was talking to his wife and they were so poor. Their play was all about being smart with money.

Team 4 is learning about emotions there is Exter happy, Calm, Sassy and does are all the emotions that we are learning about and my other favorite play was team 4 too. Team 4 was funny and amazing. There was a crater called Bob he found 50$ and he always wanted to buy his black ops game. After that assemble was finished we were happy that we are doing Trade & Enterprise. I felt so happy that we are learning about our emotions. Next time i wish that we can do something extra fun.

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