Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why is it important to eat healthy food

It is really really healthy to eat the right food. So that you can grow, get energy and your brain can work through school.
 You really have to eat healthy food so that you can be strong and be really fit to play sports and have energy. When you eat your food you chew it with your teeth and saliva and your tongue break it down.Then it goes down your oesophagus and down to your stomach and then breaks it up more.

 Next it goes in to your small intestine and then goes into your blood. Then the food goes to your large intestine and if is too big than it will come out. You should eat healthy food so that you can be healthy, strong, fit, fast and you can grow up fast and active.

It is really good to eat healthy food because you can be strong stay fit and you can be fast at sport’s. It is really bad to eat unhealthy food because when you grow up you will not be strong, fit, fast, healthy and you will not grow any more. After that you will be really really big. If you keep on eating unhealthy food you will end up much fatter.

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